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    Aging problem of outsourcing polyethylene hose
    這主要由幾方面因素所決定,如環境、溫度、濕度、操作使用等等。上述幾項一般容易做到,容易忽略的是消毒液的濃度、溫度、浸泡時間對其影響很大。因而在清洗,消毒過程中對外包聚乙烯膠管的護理保養顯得很重要,要按清洗、消毒規程辦,同時參照OLYM PUS公司清洗、消毒提議,注意事項。
    This is mainly determined by several factors, such as environment, temperature, humidity, operational use, and so on. The above items are generally easy to achieve, but it is easy to overlook that the concentration, temperature, and soaking time of the disinfectant have a significant impact on it. Therefore, in the process of cleaning and disinfection, it is important to take care of and maintain the outer polyethylene hose. It is necessary to follow the cleaning and disinfection procedures, and refer to the cleaning and disinfection suggestions and precautions of OLYM PUS company.
    Blocked ventilation and drainage channels.
    The air outlet and water outlet channels of the electronic gastroscope are designed as a "Y" shape. The air outlet and water outlet pipes share a common channel through the "air and water supply" button of the gastroscope operation department, and are sprayed out by the nozzle. The nozzle is flat and has a diameter of only a few millimeters, which is easily blocked by mucus and protein clots in the gastric mucosa. Once obstructed, it is extremely difficult to clear, although enzyme disinfectants can be used to soak and timely decompose the clotted protein, Rinse with the full pipeline perfusion device configured by OLYMPUS company to clear the general blockage problem. However, severe blockage can only be solved by the company's maintenance. Do not act recklessly with needle instruments, as it may cause air and water leakage. At times, it may cause internal device corrosion, and at worst, damage to the camera CCD, resulting in the electronic gastroscope not working properly.
    The mirror body is too soft, and the operating and bending parts are malfunctioning.
    The above phenomenon may be related to environmental temperature, humidity, and other usage conditions. Sometimes, poor heat dissipation of cold light sources and prolonged operation time are also factors that affect it. The failure of the operating and bending parts may be due to the detachment or elongation of the angle steel wire in a certain direction (or multiple directions), which is probably related to the operating method. It is necessary to try to avoid excessive action, excessive force, or forced rotation during angle adjustment, which may cause the drum to compress the friction angle steel wire rope, causing elongation, wire breakage, or end detachment and other faults.
    Mirror blurry. The guide beam is broken.
    When used in winter, this phenomenon is prone to occur, mainly due to the large short-term difference between the ambient temperature and the human body temperature. Before use, the mirror body should be repeatedly wiped with warm and wet gauze or soaked in warm water (preferably in an air-conditioned environment). In addition, professional lens wiping cloth (suede) should be used when wiping the mirror surface, and other cloth (such as gauze) cannot be used as a substitute. The reason for the breakage of the guide beam is not only due to the mirror body being too soft, but also due to the large temperature difference between day and night; Secondly, the bending diameter of the hose is too small (less than 12cm); It is also caused by touching or touching objects with large temperature differences when the electronic gastroscope light guide connector is unplugged from the cold light source. When not in use, it is best to place the electronic gastroscope in a dedicated constant temperature disinfection cabinet or in an air conditioning environment that is continuously turned on 24 hours a day.
    隨著經濟的發展,電子胃鏡的出現為醫學診斷的提高提供了較大的幫助。電子胃鏡在使用過程中無法避免的會出現各種故障,因此維修人員必須掌握維修要點,以確保電子胃鏡系統的正常運行。 但需注意的是當電子胃鏡出現了故障,大家判斷自己無法修復時,盡量不要隨意拆解設備,可以找專業的維修公司進行處理!
    With the development of the economy, the emergence of electronic gastroscopy has provided significant assistance for the improvement of medical diagnosis. Various malfunctions are inevitable during the use of electronic gastroscopy, so maintenance personnel must master the key points of maintenance to ensure the normal operation of the electronic gastroscopy system. But it should be noted that when there is a malfunction in the electronic gastroscope and everyone judges that they cannot repair it, try not to disassemble the equipment randomly and find a professional maintenance company to handle it!
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